We helping you clean up internally


From the moment we are born each of us has certain genetic predispositions for particular diseases. Our way of life, however, determines to a large extent if and when these diseases will manifest. All of you, for whom psychic and physical health is a priority in life, deserve a safe way to “purify” your whole organism for long-term good health. For this reason, Colonic Irrigation is your “inner” spa.




What is Colonic Irrigation?

“A healthy large intestine constitutes the basis for a healthy body.”

Large Intestine Water-therapy, widely known as Colonic Irrigation available exclusively at Vitality©, is a globally recognized method that we import from the United States in 1995.

Using pure filtered water, we clean the walls of the large intestine in depth and throughout its entire length, turning the intestine to normal good function. This natural way of cleaning the system is performed painlessly without the use of chemical stimulants, while at the same time: 

– Treats chronic health problems such as constipation, diarrhea and colitis.

– Reduces liver problems.

– Effectively stops headaches and allergies that are produced by intestinal malfunction, ensuring lasting good health.