Καλή υγεία από την κορφή ως… τις πατούσες

It is a holistic natural technique, which through the pressure of the reflective points on the soles, palms, ears and back, positively affects every organ and area of ​​the body. This stimulates the body’s natural self-regulating power and significantly increases the flow of energy to the organs, thereby strengthening and balancing the body.

The pad has 7,200 nerve endings and specialized pressures cause a “reflective” stimulus at each point and organ separately, resulting in the activation of the organ’s nervous and immune system.

During the reflexology session we use special aromatherapy essential oils that help relieve edema and improve circulation.

In reflexology pressure is applied to the soles with the thumb, fingers and tools made from natural materials.


The results of the method are relaxation, improved circulation, pain reduction, activation of the nervous and immune systems and general rejuvenation. It also works locally to relieve tired feet.


For maximum results we recommend combining it with a detoxifying diet and therapeutic exercise (Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong).


The duration of the visit is 50 minutes.

After each visit we recommend a foot bath with epsom salts. To maintain the result we suggest using auxiliary soles and shoes that activate the reflective points on the soles.