Our History

Vitality, a center for holistic medicine and alternative therapies, was founded in 1982 in Galatsi by Alexandra Dimitriou. Alexandra, a woman of vivid spirit and inner quest, she follows a natural lifestyle inspired by Eastern philosophy, yoga, vegetarian healthy diet and meditation.

Wanting to explore deeper into the healing arts and harmonize it with her personal work in her courses. She studied reflexology from renowned Swiss reflexologist Beny Gram and lymphatic massage -a French-Swiss method (Phytobiodermie and Piroche)-. She also adopted the nutritional guidelines of Panagiotis Koumentakis, Elias Petrou and Anne Wigmore.

In 1995 she was trained by Margaret Land in England and introduced for the first time in Greece colon cleansing, in order to offer a deep detoxification process, which in combination with nutrition and exercise, could dramatically improve health.

In 2002, Vitality, a center for holistic medicine and alternative therapies, was moved to a spacious and more easily accessible area in Ilisia, while another branch was created in Artemis, East Attica.

Alexandra Dimitriou, with three of her four children as medical partners, continues to offer high quality holistic therapies: Classical and Holistic Medicine, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Psychotherapy, Colonic irrigation, education in Classical Buteyko Method, all form a new rich therapeutic field with many options, which meet the modern needs of every person.

At Vitality Holistic Medicine and Alternative Therapy Center, we specialize in applying natural methods of prevention and treatment to improve the health and appearance of every person who wishes to give a new dimension to their lifestyle.